Get a deep understanding

of the social and environmental

problems you're trying to solve.

Circular Economy

and sustainable development

We accompany your organisation on the path towards the circular economy.

What is it?

In cooperation with Creafutur, we support companies during their transition to circular business models through various actions:

_Understanding the consumer or user by developing studies.

_Promoting a change in the company's business model towards a more circular model, through the Circulab Business Game.

_Coordinating the implementation of pilot projects.

_Organising training for companies.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at large and small companies, as well as public administrations, who want to transform their business model into a more circular model.

What can we offer you?

The successful transition to more efficient circular economy models based on competitive business models.

We guide public and private organisations towards more sustainable mobility.
What is it?
Together with Creafutur, the focus of this area is to help public or private organisations in the transport and mobility sector identify the strategies that will shape their activity in the coming years, aligning that activity with market trends and ensuring a focus on what the consumer or citizen needs and demands.
Who is it for?
It is for large and small companies,
as well as public administrations, concerned with sustainable mobility.
What can we offer you?
The skills needed to transition towards an increasingly sustainable urban mobility and the ability to develop more efficient mobility models.

Health Innovation

Fostering a transformation of the health sector.

What is it?

Through our Health Innovation area, we support the health sector’s transformation processes. We do this through management projects, the innovative redesign of processes, products and/or services and identifying and involving key sector actors. 

Who is it for?

Companies in the health sector or technological innovation companies working in the sector.

What can we offer you?

_Participation in innovative and transformative projects for companies and public administrations.

_Networking with key agents in the sector.

Esade Creapolis

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