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Agents of change in social entrepreneurship

by Lisa Hehenberg

This article is based on the knowledge ideas presented at the annual conference of European investors of EVPA in November 2019. According to the institution "Investing for impact means jointly supporting and developing innovative solutions for pressing social problems, taking risks that no other interested in the market you can assume, or you are willing to assume. "

Can a robot be a leader?

by Xavier Ferràs

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly able to make decisions in complex situations. Digital machines are replacing all kinds of human tasks, whether repetitive, specific, manual or cognitive.

Innovation management: preparing your organization for disruption

by Xavier Ferràs

We must make the most of the technology. The status quo will never lead the necessary transformation. New ideas will be found beyond the limits of the company: in technology centers, in research groups and among expert consultants.

How can brands push the limits of

innovation with customers?

by Oriol Iglesias

Customers are no longer passive recipients of what brands decide to provide; Your experience and skills can become key assets for brands.