We attract and support talent who can create

new ideas and business opportunities, and those who can innovatively resolve issues that affect the competitiveness of companies and current social

and environmental challenges.

We promote interaction between organisations, their environment and talent (students, researchers, experts and start-ups) to provide innovative solutions with social and business impact.

Esade Creapolis fundamentally offers specialised services to respond to organisational challenges and foster collaboration between companies and/or sectors.

We facilitate entrepreneurship to market new concepts and grow ideas and companies that are based on both.

We facilitate access to investors who focus on companies at their early stages, mainly Business Angels, Venture Capital and Corporates.

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Esade Creapolis applies, shares and contributes to the growth and innovation of your organisation through co-innovation and disruptive and collaborative innovation.

Ideas come together.

Innovative collaborative solutions arise.

New experiences, products and services that contribute to the growth of the company and that positively impact on society are co-created.

We provide collective intelligence through our Innovation Services to ensure that:


Disruptive innovation

We promote your organisation's connection with start-ups, students, researchers, partners, technology centres, experts, competitors, consumers, etc., which will encourage you to acquire external knowledge and/or resources from a bilateral perspective through alliances, Joint Ventures and joint development spaces, among other ways.

Collaborative innovation

Creating new value for customers and for society is extraordinarily difficult because it requires a diversity of knowledge that is often beyond the control of most organisations.


We believe that the smartest way to compete is to collaborate. This is why we encourage companies from different sectors to combine their knowledge and experience to generate new value through products, services and processes.

Why co-innovation?

We believe that the start of innovation is the reality of the market: the emergence of new blue oceans, new product ideas and new companies whose origins can be found in the convergence of ideas and/or in multidisciplinary co-creation.

We create value for your organisation and for society through co-innovation, and improve its flexibility and commitment to its activation.


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Oriol Alcoba 

General Director


Marta Carrió

Director of Innovation

and Entrepreneurship

Víctor Sabater

Innovation and Development Manager

Marc Soldevila

Retail Forum Manager

Clara Ortiz

Entrepreneurial Manager

Víctor Moyano

Creafutur Project Manager

Dolors Carreño

Business Development Director


Esteve Nadal

Communications and marketing Manager


Jorge Araguas

Asset Manager

Àngels Baqué

Institutional Relations Manager


Marta Asensio

Finance Manager


Xavier Puertas

IT Manager

Ángel Alloza

Systems Technician

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