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Do you want to address the innovation and social transformation challenges your organisation faces? Join our network to collaboratively act on your challenges, competitiveness, evolution and growth.

Groundbreaking Club

Expand your competitiveness

and growth through open innovation.

What is it?

The Groundbreaking Club is a meeting place for companies that want to grow through open innovation and collaboration with start-ups. It is a club that multiplies its members’ competitiveness through generating real opportunities for collaboration.

Who is it for?

The Groundbreaking Club is aimed at organisations and institutions from any sector that believe open innovation and/or working with start-ups can be beneficial for them.

What can we offer you?


Clubs & Forums

Networking and matching between companies to innovate collaboratively.

Grouping your company with others that have similar problems or joint interests.

A etailed diagnosis of innovation and personalised growth opportunities to innovate through collaboration.

Co-creation with start-ups.

Practical workshops for your company so it can use open innovation to move forward according to its maturity.

Retail Forum

We activate the retail sector.

What is it?

The Retail Forum is a platform that advances the evolution of the sector through coupling different actors with the business structure, our ecosystem and ESADE community; it comprises entrepreneurs, students, professors, researchers and experts.

Who is it for?

It is focused on actors in the retail sector who want to be up-to-date with the latest developments in their sector to accelerate their transformation and growth.

What can we offer you?

Participation in sessions that outline the newest ideas in retail.

Participation in the Retail Revolution Conference, a prestigious conference in the retail sector.

Involvement in discussion forums with experts: Trade Marketing, Talent Tech and Citylab.

Networking and sharing best practices with other reference actors in the retail sector.

The Tourism Classroom

Discover new opportunities in the tourism sector.

What is it?

A meeting place between prestigious organisations and industry leaders to reflect on how innovation facilitates differentiating tourism products, services and technologies.

Who is it for?

Companies, institutions and other actors in the tourism sector who want a different perspective on tourism and to capitalise on emerging technology and social change.

What can we offer you?

Participation in an exclusive innovation club.

Establishment of contacts with innovative experiences in the tourism sector.

Establishment of relationships and synergies with the most innovative agents.

Contribution when promoting new initiatives that are of interest for participants’ business or institutional growth.

Health Forum

Innovate in health through transformative proposals.

What is it?

The Health Forum (ITESSS) is a comprehensive space where debates on the impact of innovation and technology on the health sector take place, involving all its agents.

Who is it for?

The Health Forum is aimed at professionals, institutions and companies in the health sector.

What can we offer you?

Participation as an engine for change in specialised conferences on how to innovate and apply the latest technological trends in the health sector.

Access to new technologies and knowledge that will define the future and improve the sector and patients’ health.

Networking with multiple key agents in the sector.


Access the knowledge and tools for change.

What are they?

Sessions that provide the intelligence you need to understand a world shaped by innovation, technology and a need to bet on society and the environment.

Who are they aimed at?

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, professionals, students, researchers, companies and institutions from any sector that want to explore how innovation, technology and the use of emerging resources will change organisations and society.

What can we offer you?

Transformative tools to impact your business and society with the help of experts in the field.