Labs & Projects

Through the Labs and Innovation Projects, we attract and mobilise talent, organisations, professionals, experts and opinion leaders to promote tangible solutions that improve your competitiveness, transformation and social commitment.

Co-creation Labs
Specific solutions to your social, innovation and transformation challenges.
What are they?

Co-Creation Labs are laboratories of change whose objective is to provide specific solutions to various social, innovative and/or transformation challenges faced by organisations. They provide organisations with a structured process to address certain complex challenges.

They also facilitate deep collaboration between multidisciplinary teams formed by experts, professionals, researchers, opinion leaders and institutions, among other actors, and key stakeholders in the organisation, including employees, customers, competitors, suppliers or prospective clients.

Who is it for?

_Redesign new services or products of value to the company.

_Redesign new initiatives to promote strategic sectors.

_Create prototypes of radical innovations.


Find creative ideas for your company’s

real problems by exchanging with students.

What are they?

Laboratories whose purpose is to make a multidisciplinary team of students available to organisations to contribute new innovative ideas and resolve specific challenges. The Idea-Lab offers creative solutions to real business problems by exchanging ideas.

In turn, they help students understand clients’ real needs, strengthen their ability to plan a road map that will achieve a specific objective and develop their communication skills.

Who are they aimed at?

Idea-Labs are aimed at companies and institutions that seek innovative ideas through co-creation with experts. 

What can we offer you?


_The student talent pool of ESADE and other prestigious universities who can create innovative ideas for organisations.

_The opportunity to meet and create links with university students from all over the world and help them learn to address companies’ real issues.

Innovation Projects

Challenge change by creating new market opportunities.

What are they?

Innovation Projects are innovation projects that create new market opportunities for companies and disrupt existing markets’ value network. They respond to all organisations’ needs to be prepared for uncertainty and adopt experimentation to thrive in a context of intense ambiguity driven by change.

Who are they aimed at?

They target companies and institutions from any sector that are committed to corporate disruption and know that disruption will play a critical role in making investment decisions over the next five years.

What can we offer you?

_Conceptualisation and development of new innovative business opportunities.

_Greater competitiveness for your organisation.