Find creative ideas for your company’s real

problems by exchanging with students.

What are they?

Idea Labs are laboratories whose purpose is to make a multidisciplinary team of students available to organisations to contribute innovative ideas and resolve specific challenges.

The Idea-Lab offers creative solutions to real business problems by exchanging ideas, and helping students understand clients’ real needs and strengthen their ability to plan a road map that will achieve a goal and facilitate communication.

The teams are made up of ESADE students (from the following Master's courses: Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Research in Computer Science), UPC (Artificial Intelligence) and students from the ELISAVA and IED design schools and other educational institutions according to the challenge that arises.

Student teams address a challenge specified by an external company or institution. The number of groups and students may vary depending on the organisation's needs. The teams design, develop and test alternative solutions to the challenge put forward by exploring new products, services and experiences, and find ways to significantly improve existing ones; concepts are subsequently developed to the stage where they can be tested, initially, with potential client.

Idea-labs are based on the Design Thinking methodology and give much importance to exploring specific needs, thinking outside the box and choosing the most relevant ideas through the rapid creation of prototypes and user testing. Similarly, students implement alternative solutions, and design and develop functional prototypes capable of providing proof of concept.

Using spaces at our building, Idea-labs facilities and ensures the organisation actively participates in all parts of the process. For students this is a good opportunity to gain experience related to the industry, learn about working in multidisciplinary teams and add a valuable line to their CV.

Who is it for?

Companies and institutions that are looking to innovative solutions quickly through collaboration with students.

What can we offer you?

Creation of new concepts and ideas. Intense problem solving environments facilitate the creation of innovative ideas and concepts. This occurs through

working with students from different areas, with multiple interests and abilities, who collaborate to resolve the same problem. The fact that there are time constraints makes the challenge more exciting and brings out the best of the students.

Talent Acquisition. A company can take advantage of the opportunity to organise and sponsor the project to evaluate and identify potential talent at ESADE and other prestigious universities.

Development of products, services and experiences. The main idea behind an Idea-lab is to identify a problem and work collaboratively to create solutions that will resolve that problem. At the end of the project, companies find that they have one or more prototypes that could become new products, services or experiences.

Outstanding project

With the auction of online commerce, physical stores have been forced to be more competitive and offer more powerful user experiences. That is why Fujifilm seeks to create a global (online and offline) experience of the Wonder Photo Shop that allows to attract traffic and make it a benchmark in the image market.

How do we solve it?

Through a workshop and a research phase, a deliverable is made with eight areas of opportunity. This process is done thanks to the stakeholders of the organization, professionals from ESADE and from our organization and students from ESADE and other prestigious universities.


The main output of this project has been the acquisition of an international vision that can be incorporated to validate the developed strategy.

Fujifilm project:

Wonder Photo Shop

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How can you join?

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