Health Forum

Innovate in health through

transformative proposal.

What is it?

The Health Forum (ITESSS) is a comprehensive space where debates on the impact of innovation and technology on the health sector take place, involving all its agents.

Different workshops will focus on different themes in the field of health and the social space.

Who is it for?

The Health Forum is aimed at professionals, institutions and companies in the health sector. We use the conferences to mobilise professionals, companies, public administration actors in the field of health, suppliers, main laboratories, start-ups in the sector, consultants in the field and ESADE researchers and professors who are experts in the field.

What can we offer you?

We offer the possibility to participate as an engine for change in specialised conferences on how to innovate and apply the latest technological trends in the health sector.

We provide you with access to new technologies and knowledge that will define the future and improve the sector and patients’ health.

You will have the opportunity to network with multiple key agents in the sector and establish synergies.

We will put you in touch with start-ups in the health sector.

How can you join?

It is accessed by signing a collaboration agreement with us which will allow you to collaborate in organising and participate in the workshops, so that you can focus them on what best suits your needs, where you can also create innovative health projects with the collaboration of our team of experts.

Current drivers, members and partners


Accent Social




Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Hospital de Bellvitge


Societat Catalana

de Gestió Sanitària



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