Groundbreaking Club

Expand your competitiveness and growth through open innovation.

What is it?

The Groundbreaking Club is a meeting place for companies that want to grow through open innovation and collaboration with start-ups. It emerged from our willingness to advocate disruptive innovation and support these companies. It favours its members’ competitiveness by creating real opportunities for collaboration.

Who is it for?

If you have a consolidated company and want to solve your transformation challenges through innovation, this club is for you.The Groundbreaking Club has a multisectoral approach, so any type of company, whether B2C or B2B, benefits from all member’s participation.


Members individually acquire the tools, knowledge, ideas and opportunities needed for constructive collaboration, and find solutions for their innovation processes and approach to start-ups.

What can we offer you?


We identify what stage your company is at in terms of innovation and willingness to work with start-ups. We do this by measuring its Pioneering Innovation Index, arranging regular meetings with our consultants, and through a proprietary methodology that allows us to accurately detect your company’s situation and find the best innovative solutions suited to it. We have also developed a PII Benchmark among all the companies that comprise the club that gives us a comprehensive perspective of the terms we analyse. This Benchmark also allows companies to see their and the entire group's evolution, so they can contrast with the average, maximum and minimum points

We identify the best innovation opportunities for your company and help you find the best way to start a co-creation process with start-ups.


A monthly group workshop on disruptive innovation designed ad hoc and based on concerns participants have raised previously. These workshops are designed so that your company can progress in open innovation according to the stage it is in at that moment, providing what it needs at all times.


The workshops are held with the other club companies, grouped by problems or joint interests. The sessions incorporate Manual and Design thinking techniques and our Tech & Trend Frame.

Through our workshops you will develop innovative ideas and solutions for your company inspired by the latest trends.


Assistance to Innobreakfast: small format talks focused around members’ issues and led by keynote speakers from that particular area. The objective of this activity is to present the area's knowledge, resources, tools and best practices to move your company's disruptive innovation and willingness to work with start-ups forward.

You will be given training that is personalised to your organisation to ensure it continues advancing in this process. Furthermore, it is a meeting place for all group companies, and a place where everyone is supported, regardless of their different moments of development.


Through different Club activities and direct suggestions from our consultants, we facilitate networking and the creation of synergies between companies so that they can collaborate and find solutions to innovation challenges.

Through our extensive experience, we have found that this is the best way to share experiences, establish contacts, create working relationships and start shared collaboration processes among organisations and companies.


The companies that are part of the club can also enjoy our spaces through two different modalities. They can opt for a subscription that includes one two-hour session in a meeting room (with capacity for 10 or 15 people) per month, or a one eight-hour session in an events room (with capacity for 50-80 people) per year.

How can you join?

The Groundbreaking Club membership fee costs € 1,500 / quarter.

Please contact us for more information

Actual impellers, members and partners






Other programmes and activities of interest

These programmes and activities are complementary for Club companies that want to move forward faster and personalise their disruptive innovation processes and collaboration with start-ups more.

Acceleration Program)
Activities and events
Face-to-face with startups: Where are the frictions when we collaborate?
Workshop with startups: How to
solve your collaboration problems?

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