Co-creation Labs

Specific solutions to your social,

innovation and transformation challenge.

What are they?

We believe that when organisations change their perspective and decide to co-innovate - both with their main stakeholders and with the help of experts from the sector is when solutions responding to changing market needs begin to emerge

In this sense we recommend organisations to seek innovative solutions through the collaboration and collective intelligence that co-creation labs can offer.

Co-Creation Labs are laboratories of change whose objective is to provide specific solutions to various social, innovative and/or transformation challenges. They provide organisations with structured processes that can address certain complex challenges which need to be answered in the short, medium or long term.

The key to the success of the Co-creation Labs is that they facilitate deep collaboration between multidisciplinary teams comprising of experts in the field (professionals, start-ups, researchers, government, opinion leaders and sector institutions, among others) and the organisation’s key stakeholders (employees, clients, competitors, suppliers or prospects, among others) with the aim of developing the solutions that companies need.

Most of our co-creation objectives can be classified into one of the following categories:

Refinement: a project where the company's collaborators and their main stakeholders work together to innovate and/or transform a certain characteristic of a company's product or service at social and environmental levels, with the aim of improving the client experience.


Creation: in this category employees, the company and its main stakeholders work together to develop a completely new product or service prototype.

Who is it for?

They are directed at companies and institutions that seek innovative solutions quickly through collaborating with experts and involving the company's key players.

What can we offer you?

Redesign new services or products of value to the company.

Redesign new initiatives to promote strategic sectors.

Redesign new service, products and initiatives with a social and/or environmental impact for the company.

Provide a roadmap for clear strategic decisions.

Create prototypes of the innovative solutions provided.

Validate solutions with clients.

Incorporate external expertise in the innovation process.

Provide clarity, focus and a common language so that the organisation can make appropriate strategic choices.

Support the rapid and agile commercialisation of the solutions provide.

Outstanding project

During the workshop, the company's needs are identified to create a packaging with a lower environmental impact that is beneficial for both its partners and its clients, offering the same quality in a more sustainable way.

How do we solve it?

To solve these issues we have the best experts in the field of packaging and marketing, together with the company's stakeholders and external advisers. The workshop is developed using techniques such as coworking and design thinking.


Thanks to the collaboration and knowledge of attendees we have been able to identify the best materials and designs for each packaging according to criteria of usability and sustainability, as well as cost and social impact.

Workshop of Glovo:

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