CAP (Corporate Acceleration Programme)

Corporate innovation through start-up.

What is it?

The Corporate Acceleration Programme is a three-month programme that helps companies establish action plans to collaborate with start-ups and use them as a tool for disruptive innovation through plenary sessions, workshops and personalised mentors.

Through our proprietary, agile and flexible methodology, in which we offer a combination of theoretical concepts, case studies and implementation tools, we adapt the programme to each company.

Basis of the programme


The programme is open to any company interested in innovating through collaboration with start-ups


It aims to raise the awareness of companies about critical elements of collaboration with start-ups.


Participating in this programme will support your company during the first strategic reflections on the convenience of undertaking a collaboration programme with start-ups.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at companies whose operational headquarters are in Catalonia and that have a minimum annual turnover of 15 million euros.

What can we offer you?

The skills needed to identify innovation objectives that can be addressed with start-ups.

The tools needed to select the best collaboration model with start-ups.

Support in establishing an action plan to start the collaboration

Instruments to help drive the connection system with start-ups within Catalonia.

Topics covered in the programme

Strategic reasons for collaborating with start-ups, adaptation to the innovation strategy

Internal structures to start collaboration and legal, investment, IP, etc. aspects to consider.

Analysis of collaboration models

with start-ups and their


Access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem: its characterisation and ways to identify start-ups.

How can you join?

Thanks to the collaboration provided by ACCIÓ, this programme is free of charge. To participate, simply register to take you through to the next stage, which comprises selecting 15 companies. The selected companies will be those who participate in the programme.

When is it?

The Corporate Acceleration Programme will last three months and run from September to November, during which four sessions will be held, one for each subject discussed during the programme. The dates for the sessions are September 27, October 18, November 8 and November 29.

The sessions will be held on Friday mornings. To learn more about the sessions and their subjects, download the full calendar.

Current drivers, members and partners
How can you join?

The sessions will be held on Friday mornings. To learn more about the sessions and their subjects, download the full calendar.

Conferencia Inaugural Corporate Acceleration Program (CAP) 2020
Sep 23, 9:30 AM
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