Acceleration programs

Advance your start-up or company through our intensive training and mentoring programmes.

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CAP (Corporate Acceleration program)
Corporate innovation through start-ups.
What is it?
The Corporate Acceleration Programme helps companies establish action plans to collaborate with start-ups and use them as a tool for disruptive innovation through plenary sessions, workshops and personalised mentors.
Who is it for?
It is aimed at companies whose operational headquarters are in Catalonia and that have a minimum annual turnover of 15 million euros.
¿Qué te aportamos?
_Ability to identify innovation goals to be addressed with Startups.
_The tools needed to select the best collaboration model with start-ups.
_Support in establishing an action plan to start the collaboration.
_Instruments to help drive the connection system with start-ups within Catalonia.
A technology-based start-up acceleration programme.
What is it?
It is an acceleration and incubation programme for technology-based start-ups that lasts one year and which uses an agile and flexible methodology. The Programme offers expert mentoring, and mobilises the expertise of ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute professors.
Who is it for?
It is focused on ten technology-based start-ups that have a completed prototype or one that is being developed and that have short or medium term financing needs.
What can we offer you?
_Plenary sessions on the essential aspects with an expert from a pool of mainly ESADE professors.
_18 hours of individual and personalised mentoring on a variety of different modules: team, business model and financing.
_Financial administrative support from ESADE finance master's degree students.
_Access to financing through Investors Day.
Corporate Venturing Services (CVS)
Make your innovation processes more dynamic through connections with start-ups.
What is it?

We help your company identify, select, monitor

and collaborate with a large number of

start-ups, while providing you with the necessary tools to do so.

Who is it for?
Corporate Venturing Services are aimed at companies that want to innovate and need to collaborate with start-ups as a source of opportunities to be disruptive.
What can we offer you?
_Explore new technologies and business
models with the intention of developing
new strategic ideas.
_Renew the corporate culture of the company, while moving the business environment closer to entrepreneurs.
_Capture new talent.
_Develop a more attractive brand for the company's stakeholders.
_Incorporate new capabilities to reach new markets and/or products.

_Reduce the time needed to resolve problems by applying agile methodologies.

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