ESADE has launched the digital Research Yearbook of the 2016-17 academic year. It includes more than 230 research articles plus cases, academic papers, books and book chapters, ESADE publications, PhD Theses, and more.

The Research Yearbook contains research-backed publications on a broad range of topics which include data science, market decisions, economics and finance, entrepreneurship, globalisation and geopolitics, governance, innovation and operations, law, leadership and people management, social innovation and strategy.

A complementary Research Highlights version accompanies the Yearbook, which features 23 interviews and articles with practical advice for executives who are interested in research-backed solutions to solve their managerial challenges.

All knowledge generated by ESADE is available online, although to get access to some full texts you need to register and be a member of the ESADE community

ESADE faculty members contribute actively to advancing research in their respective disciplines by publishing their results in top academic journals. A total of 129 faculty members have conducted academic research in the past three years.